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PGC40 C112 – 40W Valve 1×12 Combo

PGC40 C112 - 40W Valve 1x12 Combo

Product Overview

With a specially designed Valve Sound Response speaker the 40W Pendragon combo will deliver those recognizable British and US sound qualities. A versatile and powerful combo that is small enough to fit in any car-boot. We emphasis the combination of its ultimate warm and expressive tube power, the built in Digital Delay and Tremolo effects, you will be dazzled by its performance.

  • Twin Channel 5 Voice Foot-switchable Guitar Combo
  • Output 40W RMS into 8Ω or 16Ω loudspeaker load switchable to 14W internal loudspeaker
  • Valve/Tube Compliment V1, V2, V3 x Ruby 12AX7 – V4, V5 6L6GC Power Output
  • Gain, Volume, Reverb, Bass, Middle and Treble Controls
  • Authentic Sounding Accutronics Digital Reverb
  • Grid Modulating Tremolo
  • Tremolo Speed and Depth Controls
  • Switchable FX Loop
  • Wide Ranging Tonal and Gain options from Clean to High Gain
  • Switchable Power Output – Mute/14W/40W
  • Vintage Sound Response 1 x 12" 60W 8Ω Ceramic Speaker using a UK made Custom cone
  • Semi-open back, Birch/Alder recessed/rabbeted construction for strength and tone
  • 4 Way Pendragon Footswitch Supplied – Channel A-B / Loop / Tremolo / Reverb
  • Cabinet Size: W 556mm x H 470mm x D 260mm
  • Weight: To be advised