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PG20C 210 – 20W Valve 2×10 Combo

PG20C 210 - 20W Valve 2x10 Combo

Product Overview

Loaded with specially designed speakers this 20W Pendragon combo delivers ultimate tube power…warm and expressive. Using the built in Digital Reverb and Tremolo effects, you can create a musical picture to be remembered…all you need to do is turn it up…stand back and just get ready to Rock ‘n’ Roll.

  • Twin Channel 3 Voice Foot-switchable Guitar Combo
  • Output 20W RMS into 8Ω or 16Ω loudspeaker load switchable to 7W internal loudspeaker
  • Valve/Tube Compliment V1, V2, V3 x Ruby 12AX7 – V4, V5 6V6GT Power Output
  • Gain, Volume, Reverb, Bass, Middle and Treble Controls
  • Authentic Sounding Accutronics Digital Reverb
  • Grid Modulating Tremolo
  • Tremolo Speed and Depth Controls
  • Switchable FX Loop
  • Wide Ranging Tonal and Gain options from Clean to High Gain
  • Switchable Power Output – Mute/7W/20W
  • Vintage Sound Response 2 x 10″ 30W 8Ω Ceramic Speakers using UK made Custom cones series wired for a total of 16Ω
  • Semi-open back, Birch/Alder recessed/rabbeted
  • 4 Way Pendragon Footswitch Supplied – Channel A-B / Loop / Tremolo / Reverb
  • Cabinet Size: W 556mm x H 394mm x D 260mm
  • Weight: To be advised