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PG1 C108 – 1W 1 x 8 Valve Guitar Combo

PG1 C108 - 1W 1 x 8 Valve Guitar Combo

Product Overview

This combo defies its size, is designed and built to perform high-performance sound. With its user-friendly controls it delivers tone loaded and striking sounds to a custom designed Vintage Sound Response 8" speaker…So buy British good people and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

  • Single Channel with Boost Switch
  • Gain, Volume, Reverb, Bass, Middle and Treble Controls
  • Output 1W RMS into 16Ω Custom 8" 25W Pendragon Loudspeaker
  • Mute/0.1W/1W Select Switch
  • Valve/Tube Compliment V1, V2 x Ruby 12AX7 Preamp – V3 Ruby 12AU7 Power Output. Unique high voltage FET Phase Splitter with 12BHT Push-Pull Power Amp
  • Authentic Sounding Digital Reverb
  • FX Loop
  • Speaker Emulated Dl/Headphone Output
  • Slave Drive Output
  • Speaker Mute with Dummy Load
  • Vintage Sound Response Custom 8" 16Ω 25W Pendragon Loudspeaker
  • Cabinet Size: W 361mm x H305mm x D 191mm
  • Weight: To be advised