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The Legend of Steve Grindrod Amplification

In 2013 Steve Grindrod calling on his 50 years of experience in design introduced a series called GulfStream family…

In 2015 after many years of being cajoled, by friends and industry acquaintances alike, he decided to use his own name for what he does, it has now finally happened. Steve now has his own company, in his own name! Steve known as the ‘Valve Amp Guru’ has been involved in music and its industry for a long time – as a working musician, R&D Director for Marshall, Managing Director of VOX, and creating and founding Albion and now… finally his totally own company has been born.

He says quote ‘Both a scary and a good time, I hope and promise that my new company will bring the musical joy that my previous products have done!’

We are now proud to introduce Pendragon… fine British Amplification designed and built by Steve Grindrod Amplification Co. Ltd. This new generation of guitar amplifiers is designed and for the guitarist who demand everything without compromise!

The Pendragon Series based on, and updated from, the former Albion GulfStream range consist of… PG1C 10B Combo, PG2C 210 Combo, PG40 C112 Combo, PG40 C212 Combo, PG40 Amp Head, PGC112 Cabinet and the PGC 410 Cabinet.

So if you like a wide variety of easy to use CLASSIC clean and overdrive sounds in a great looking package that’s ideal for recording, club gigging, or even just an amp that will fit in well at home… You deserve to check out a Pendragon they are designed and built to perform.

PS. from Steve… I am hectically working hard on more new products for 2016, diversifying the company range. I have many exciting new ideas! Then after that…