For four decades Steve Grindrod has devoted himself to designing the world’s leading guitar amplifiers. In so doing it is fair to say that he has established a name now synonymous with equipment used for high class guitar playing styles from world-renowned guitarists on countless records and concert stages, to local amateur bands playing at the pub on a Saturday night.

TCT35c and Tele white 1

He discovered his desire to broaden his knowledge of live music technology when as a young struggling musician he could afford neither the latest nor the best products.  With a naturally inquiring mind, he sought to learn how the instruments worked and how to improve them by combining existing design with more advanced technology, a vision that marked the beginning of his passionate journey to creating affordable tools that deliver the goods for working musicians – a philosophy I still apply today.

After over 30 years of designing amplifiers for Marshall and Vox Steve started his own company, Albion Amplification. He brings you world leading amplifier products at honest “value for money” prices.  They may never be the cheapest, because to Steve, being the cheapest means that they have been designed to be cheap – but he will always endeavor to present you with the best product and the best tone he can, without charging you “over the odds”.

In January 2016 Steve formed the Steve Grindrod Amplification Company and added the all NEW Pendragon Series to the range. These amplifiers will be on show at Winter NAMM 2016.the-pg-family

Try a Steve Grindrod Amplifier today and rediscover true tone.

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Team Steve Grindrod Amplification

Steve Grindrod, Managing Director and Chief Designer

Steve Grindrod Amplification January 2016